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Americans spend more than one-third of their day at work.  Take the steps towards becoming a healthier workplace by developing worksite wellness policies.  Worksite wellness policies reduce chronic disease and improve the quality of life for employees.  Healthy employees are more productive and have lower absenteeism.  Health costs, retention, and employee morale are all positively impacted by workplace health policies as well.

Consider creating a healthy workplace by:

  • Limiting secondhand smoke exposure by developing smoke-free/tobacco-free policies
  • Getting employees more active by joining the Walk Cobb or Walk Douglas challenge
  • Keeping employees informed by providing health education
  • Supporting healthy behaviors by including healthy items in the vending machine
  • Becoming a breastfeeding friendly worksite

Need assistance in improvising the health of your worksite?  Contact the Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention section at 770-432-7937 to speak with a health educator.

Additional Resources:

Cobb2020 Sharing Spaces for Health

Sharing Spaces for Health uses joint-use and open declaration agreements to link schools, non-profits, businesses, and faith-based groups that have space conducive for physical activity with those that need it. These partnerships increase the amount of safe, accessible, and affordable places for children and their families to exercise and play. Additionally, the program informs Cobb County residents of local physical activity environments already established in the community that may be utilized for free or at a low cost. The concept is simple: Let’s share resources to get the community healthier.   Visit to find out places in the community where you and your family can be active through this initiative. 

For Sharing Spaces for Health to continue to be successful, Cobb2020 needs more community organizations to get involved. 35% of children between the ages 10-17 are overweight or obese per the 2011/2012 National Survey of Children’s Health and only 71% of children in Cobb County are within the Healthy Fitness Zone for aerobic capacity. Adult physical inactivity is also high with 23.6% of Georgian reporting not participating in any physical activity during the past month according to the 2014 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey. This level of inactivity may greatly contribute to the reported 58% of adults in Cobb County who are overweight or obese according to the Cobb & Douglas Public Health 2012 Community Health Assessment.

Check out to find out how you can become a Sharing Spaces Partner and serve as a resource for physical activity in the community. Together we can transform neighborhoods and improve physical activity.

Visit the Sharing Spaces web page for policy examples and additional resources.