Applications and Requirements for: 

Lot Configuration/Lot Split Analysis Application

For Property Located in Cobb County:

Lot Configuration/Lot Split Requirements (Cobb) (Updated: Please note change to required certification statement)

For Property Located in Douglas County:

Lot configuration/Lot Split Requirements (Douglas)

If you have questions about septic system permitting, approval, or other related issues, please contact the appropriate county Environmental Health Office.

Certification Applications and Resources for:

General Information

Residential Septic Systems

  • Subdivision Lot or Residential Lot Site Review:  $110
  • Residential Site Re-review:  $85
  • Residential Inspection/Permit:  $250
  • Residential Repair or Modification Review/Permit/Inspection:  $170
  • Residential Minor Repair (non-field line):  $85
  • Residential Pool Served by On-Site Sewage System Review:  $150
  • Residential Pool When On-Site Sewage System Requires Relocation (Includes On-Site Sewage Repair Fee and Review):  $170

Commercial Septic Systems

  • Commercial Lot Site Review:  $280
  • Commercial Site Re-review:  $110
  • Commercial Inspection/Permit ≤1500 sq. ft. or 2000 gpd:  $365
  • Commercial Inspection/Permit >1500 sq. ft. or 2000 gpd:  $560
  • Commercial Repair or Modification Review/Permit/Inspection:  $280

Lot Splits   

  • Single lot split (two lots):  $240
  • Additional splits (per split):  $110

Other Onsite Sewage Management Fees

  • Existing System Evaluation – Visual/No Permit Issued (for loan letters, remodels, change in building use, etc.):  $150
  • Septic Pumper Inspection:  $100 + $50 per truck
  • Contractor Certification Exam per Module: $50