Mission and Purpose:

This comprehensive program is designed for dads and expecting fathers who wish to learn more about responsible fatherhood skills, traits and practices over a three-month program cycle. We focus on strengthening family resiliency, fatherhood involvement, and knowledge about parenting skills. We expose participating fathers to the essential tools needed to successfully care for their child’s financial, and emotional stability. We provide fatherhood resources, services, and educational assistance through our collaborative partners. Lastly, this fatherhood program addresses “Self Care” opportunities that assist participants mentally, spiritually, and emotionally when actively involved in the lives of their children.

About the Healthier Generations (HRSA) Grant Award:

Cobb & Douglas Public Health (CDPH) has been awarded up to $5.5 million over the next five years through a Healthy Start grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The purpose of the grant is to improve health outcomes before, during, and after pregnancy for at-risk populations; and to reduce racial and ethnic infant death disparities and negative health outcomes in the first 18 months of life. The Healthier Generations program is part of the fatherhood initiative and a key objective within the program goals of HRSA.

Our Goals:

  • Promote “Healthier Generations Healthy Start Responsible Fatherhood Program”
  • Increase opportunities for fathers to take advantage of Cobb & Douglas Public Health Resources and Services
  • Increase Co-Parenting Relationships
  • Increase Reading Literacy
  • Increase education and high school graduation rates
  • Increase fatherhood involvement with their child
  • Increase fatherhood network and access to child supportive services
  • Prevent domestic violence
  • Prevent repeat or unplanned pregnancies

Program Objectives:

  1. Participants make a commitment to National Fatherhood 24/7 Dads Curriculum Parenting Classes (Evidence-Based)
  2. Learn “Child Care Skills and Tools” for successful parenting
  3. Educational Support: Reading, GED and Tutorial Support Services/Referrals
  4. Access Collaborative Partners, Networks, Resources and Services
  5. Learn Parental and Maternal Bonding that improve relationships
  6. Learn Job Readiness skills
  7. Learn Good Health, Nutrition and Wellness tips and practices
  8. Learn Financial Literacy
  9. Learn Legal information
  10. Receive Fatherhood Coaching, Teaching, Training…and much more

Fatherhood Program Topics: At a glance!

  • What does it mean to be a “man”? Understanding Yourself
  • Legal Rights: Make it Legit… at childbirth. Make sure that father and child have a legal connection and healthy co-parenting relations
  • Increase your knowledge of Child Support obligations
  • Fatherhood involvement in your child’s life
  • Child Care: Changing your Baby: Dressing/Feeding your Child
  • Health and Wellness: Practice healthy eating habits for you and your child
  • Learn how to control your discipline, listening skills, and improve your understanding of a child’s punishment
  • Identify employment interest while improving your time management skills
  • Referrals to job training services and employment opportunities while enhancing and improving your relationship building skills and practices
  • Financial Literacy: Increase your knowledge of decision making, critical thinking, creative thinking, life insurance policies and banking services
  • Coping with Stress: Referrals to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Resources and Services (Inpatient and Out Patient Treatment)
  • Becoming a Good Role Model
  • Understanding how to handle confrontation and criticism

Responsible Fatherhood Program Incentives:

  • Hot Meal each night of program session
  • Opportunity for a Gift Card given to active program participants
  • Resource Fair and Service Accessibility
  • Legal Information
  • CDPH-TIME-ER Responsible Fatherhood Program “A Signature of Greatness” T-Shirt

Who can participate?

  • This program is offered free of charge to eligible father’s in Cobb & Douglas County target communities; with the expectation that all 12 sessions in a Program Cycle will be attended.
  • Dads who have a new born child age 0-18 months old!
  • All eligible dads age 15 – 60 years old are welcome to register, enroll and matriculate into the “Responsible Fatherhood Program” deliverable.

How do I apply, register and enroll in the “Responsible Fatherhood Program?

  • Eligible Clients must fill out the Program Intake Application:
  • Cobb & Douglas Public Health Healthier Generations Healthy Start Responsible Fatherhood Initiative Application: Available in English or Spanish

When are classes offered?

CDPH-TIME-ER “Responsible Fatherhood Program,” 24/7 Dads Sessions (12 Week Program Cycle) are held weekly on Wednesday nights from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. (Doors open at 5:30 p.m.) at the South Cobb Public Health Center.

South Cobb Public Health Center
875 Riverside Parkway, Building 1
Austell, Georgia 30168

For more information; please contact:
Angela Johnson (primary contact) at (770) 635-0523 or [email protected]
Chris White at (404) 782-7158 or [email protected]

Father involvement creates Healthier lives. Healthier communities.