The Georgia Department of Public Health and Cobb & Douglas Public Health partner with our local Hospitals to provide newborn hearing screening and follow-up for all babies born in Cobb and Douglas County’s who are referred on the initial screen, through the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program.

The National Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program, as well as the Georgia Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Intervention Program, encourage early screening within the 1st month after birth and re-screen if the infant does not pass by 3 months. If the infant does not pass the second screening they are referred for diagnostic testing. If hearing loss is detected the infant is referred for intervention before 6 months of age.

Health officials believe the most crucial period for language development is the first year of life. Without newborn hearing screening, hearing loss is typically not identified until two years of age. Hearing sounds helps a baby to learn to talk and communicate. An infant found to have a hearing loss through early screening before six months of age and referred to intervention services has a much better chance of normal language development than does a child whose hearing loss is identified later.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call the Cobb & Douglas Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program District Coordinator, at 770-514-2456 (bilingual).